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Best Videos On The Web To Learn How To Fish For Spotted Bay Bass

Author: Bullbuster Team

Learn How To Target Spotted Bay Bass In Southern California 

Bullbuster's founder Colby Uva with a spotted bay bass caught with his spotted bay bass mentor Dave Chavez.

If you are new to Southern California, or just started saltwater fishing here.  One of the best places to start is the regions most sought after salt water fish, the spotted bay bass.   Spotted bay bass, like freshwater bass are often caught with soft plastics, crank-baits, and light tackle bait casting reels / spinning reels.   

Youtube Is A Great Place To Start Your Research, This Combined With A Good In Person Mentor Is A Deadly Combination 

We searched through youtube and put what we thought were the most informative videos on Spotted Bay fishing below.  Watching videos is a great place to start, but there really is no replacement to actually getting out on the water and fishing with a good mentor.   (See fishing for spotted bay bass in South San Diego Bay). 

How To Catch A Spotted Bay Bass

Below is a video posted on Youtube by one of the best put together Youtube Channels, "RomanCastroVlog".  Roman Castro's videos are well produced with good video quality and detailed descriptions.  This video specifically covers techniques that help him accomplish, his 100 spotty day.  This video is almost an hour long, so it is COMPREHENSIVE, the best part is Roman's white board explanations.  

How To Catch Spotted Bay Bass From Land

In this video posted by Youtuber  "JB Fishing", you can see how to catch Spotted Bay Bass from land.  In this video JB targets spotted bay bass from land in Mission Bay.  

Best Lures For For Spotted Bay Bass

Below is a video posted on Youtube by one of the best put together Youtube Channels, "RomanCastroVlog".  Roman Castro's videos are well produced, and usually go into great detail on each product.   In this video, Roman covers his 5 favorite baits and has some great stories to go with each lure.  

Fishing A Dropshot For Spotted Bay Bass 

In this video posted by Youtuber "Fish Mastery" you get a good explanation on how to fish a drop shot for spotties.  Drop shotting is a technique originally developed for fishing for bass in freshwater but has been adapted for spotted bay bass and can  be very effective.   


Spotted bay bass are a highly sought after fish in Southern California.  They can be caught from land and with a minimal investment in tackle.   The spotted bay bass fishery is mostly a catch and release fishery, so be sure to handle these bass with care.  If you would like to harvest a spotted bay bass, be sure to check California Fish & Game Regulations

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