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Best Videos On The Web To Learn How To Catch Catfish

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The Best Tips On The Web For Catching Catfish

Best Baits For Catfish 

Below is a great video posted on Youtube by "Catfish & Carp" that talks about the best baits for catfish. It breaks down 8 different types of baits that you may want to use and why you should use them. 

Below is another video posted by "Catfish & Carp" on how to catch Blue Gill with slim jims for your catfish bait. 

Best Rigs For Catfish

This video posted by "Fishing Explained" on Youtube shows you how to make a "Santee Cooper Catfish Rig" for drifting a suspended rig for cat fishing.  The reason to use this type of rig is that you get a more aggressive hit.  

The video below posted by "Ohiocatguide" on youtube, shows you why the "Santee Rig" is so effective for catching catfish while drifting. 

What Tackle Do You Need For Catfishing?

The video below posted by "ItaloLabignan " shows you the basic terminal tackle (swivels and weights) that you will need for cat fishing. 

Below is a video posted by "Country Fishing" that shows you a more complete tackle box setup for cat fishing that will cover more situations. 

What Is The Best Rod & Reel Setup For Catfishing?

Below is probably the ultimate youtube video reviewing rods and reels for catfish. This resource was posted on Youtube by "Catfish & Carp".

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