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Best Videos On The Web For Preparing For A Long Range Tuna Trip

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Get Ready For Your Long Range Tuna Trip

San Diego is a city founded by tuna fishermen. At first it was the commercial tuna fishermen the Chinese, the Italians and the Portugese who brought San Diego its largest industry.  Downtown San Diego was once a place where TONS of tuna were unloaded and set up for canning. This industry has survived with imported tuna, but has continued to struggle, with the likes of Bumblebee tuna going bankrupt just this year. 

Those days are over, tuna fishing was hard manual work, and dangerous at that.  American and California labor laws make such tuna fishing practically impossible to be profitable, so this type of tuna fishing has moved to Southeast Asia and those boats who have stayed in San Diego have had to invent a new type of profitability to pursue something that is just in the blood of some men. The need to go out to sea and pursue fish.  Long range tuna fishing presents a way to to satisfy something in the soul that can only be brought by the sea. It is not for the faint hearted, but it is also not uncomfortable. Nowadays long range tuna boats are a kind of combination of a commercial fishing vessel and a luxury hotel. Now we the anglers pay to be the commercial fishermen to satisfy some part of our soul that maybe has been left behind in the modern world in the name of progress. 

Our Comprehensive Research On What You Need To Bring 

Ok enough of that stuff, lets get to the fishing. If you are reading this article you probably have heard of a long range tuna trip before. You probably have seen the pictures.  Looked up the prices, maybe even looked at our article that shows you all the boats and tours of those boats from the number of Youtubers who have done that.   In this article you will find links and videos to relevant resources to help you prepare for your trip. 

Below is a good intro video posted on Youtube by “Triple Wall Outdoors”. This video covers some of the things you are going to need to know on your first long range trip, such as how to fish on these boats (keeping the line in front of you at all times). A lot of of the people that you are going to be fishing with have been doing this for years and will appreciate if you have done a bit of your own research before getting on board. 

Some key points from the “Triple Wall Outdoors” video.  

  1. Stay Positive - As a fisherman its always important to stay optimistic and keep putting effort forth and have faith.  This type of mental strength is even more important on these long trips. 

  2. Keep The Line In Front Of You - This is a key on all of these “Cattle Boats” in Southern California. You have a lot of lines out at once and some wild bites going on, so this helps with the organized chaos. 

  3. Handle Your Bait Lightly -- Fish can be finicky, so the better you bait is swimming, the more likely you are to get bit.  Handling your bait lightly can play a big part in that. 

Technique Tips From The Video

  1. RELAX -- Fights can be up to two hours, the rail is your friend and your posture matters. 

  2. Fish In High Gear Until The Fish Lays Down --- When the fish starts to tire you can switch your reel into low gear. 

  3. Marking Your Drag Setting Is A Good Idea --- Use a scale at home and mark your reels drag settings. 

  This article serves as a research document on preparing yourself for a trip, so we have done all of the searching on the web for you and put it all together in one place. We’ve also been on the ground in San Diego and done research watching the boats unload and talking to anglers in line with their carts full of gear and then talked to those same anglers after they have unloaded from up to 18 day trips.  

For The Purpose Of This Article We Are Going To Define A Long Range Trip As A Trip Of More Than 4 Days 

For many people and overnight or two or three day trip would be long range. But this is San Diego, its a whole nother ball game. Lets get started. 

Rod & Reel Setups For Long Range Trips

Below is a video posted by “Royal Polaris” one of the long range boats out of San Diego that talks about setups that you want to bring on a 4-6 day and 7-10 day trips. 

Yoyo Rod -- In Southern California a “Yoyo” is basically a vertical jig, this is a jig that you sinks and you bring up and down.  SOCAL fishermen have been using the “IRON” for years and when you arrive in Southern California you will find lots of local manufacturers of the Irons of all shapes and sizes and applications.  The Yoyo Rod is a rod that you are going to be using to jig for fish that are under the surface at a depth that the Captain lets you know about. Most of these long range boats in San Diego, even the ½ day boats have Side Scanning sonar on top of a regular depth sounder, so they know a lot about what the fish are doing, how big the school is and how deep they are. 

50Lb Setup --- Good for yoyo for tuna, live lining, wahoo fishing

30Lb Setup -- Fly Lining 

80Lb Setup (2 Speed) --- This does not have to be a big setup can have a mono topshot and use braided backing. 

A Comprehensive List Of Tackle You Will Need For A 3-6 Day Trip

A Comprehensive List Of Tackle You Will Need For A 7-10 Day Trip

A Comprehensive List Of Tackle You Will Need For A 13-24 Day Trip

The video below posted by “John L Beath”  talks to Doug Kern in Fisherman’s Landing (the tackle store right in front of all of the Long Range Tuna Boats. 

--- Trolling -  you will need a few wahoo plugs and tuna feathers. 

---  Circle Hooks -- 2/0 -6/0 , 9/0

--- Leads -- Up to 16 oz weights

Below is a video by the Youtube Channel  “” that talks about what you should have in your tackle box on these trips. 

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Schedules For Long Range Boats Out Of San Diego

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