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Best Videos On The Web For Learning How To Kite Fish

Author: Bullbuster Team

Video Tips For Kitefishing

Kite Fishing 101
Photo by #BullbusterAmbassador Double Threat Charters of a nice sail they caught on Bullbuster Monofilament while kite fishing.

Hey everyone.  As part of our goal to help you #SpendMoreTimeFishing we put together some of the best videos on the web for learning how to kite fish. If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video must be worth 1,000,000.  Check out what we put together for you below:

Kite Fishing Basics Explained: 

We found two great videos to explain the basics of kite fishing. Both cover similar stuff but it doesn't hurt to see two different people explain the same concept. Watch both and see what you get from each. 

How To Adjust Your Bridle For High Wind Condition Kite Fishing
When the wind is really howling you don't need your kite to fly as high to stay up. Adjust your bridle by moving it TOWARD your kite to fly your kite slightly lower than you would fish in normal conditions.

How To Adjust Your Bridle For Kite Fishing In Low Wind Conditions
When you don't have too much wind to work with adjust your kite so that it goes much higher. The last thing you need is a lapse in the wind and an instantly wet kite. Adjust your bridle by moving it AWAY from your kite to get it to fly lower.

 The first video is by Peter Miller who along with his team on the Get Lit became a world sailfish champion while kite fishing in Key West, he is now the host of the hit TV show Bass To Billfish that brings people from around the country to fish in Florida.  


A few useful tips from Peter Miller's video: 

1) Put a balloon on the back of your kite so that you don't loose your kite if you dump it! 

2) He prefers using stainless steel kite rings instead of ceramic rings, because they have had ceramic rigs break. 

3) Adjust your weight depending on the wind speeds. 

This second video is by Cpt. Joe Gozdz who is the host of the Florida Sportsman show Reel Time.  This show is pretty awesome because Cpt. Joe fishes around Florida with local fishermen who interact with the Florida Sportsman Forum.

Some Useful Tips From Cpt. Joe Gozdz video: 

1) Practice Makes Perfect

2) To set up a kite rod all you need is an old senator with 60 -80Lb braid

3) Keep your float a few feet out of the water and use it as an indicator.

Trolling From Kites For Tuna:

A less well known application of kite fishing is trolling for tuna.  This is a great video explaining how to troll for tuna by Cpt. Carlos Vazquez of  Pochos charters in Mexico.  

A few useful tips from Cpt. Carlos's video: 

1) Troll your flying fish about 200-300ft. behind the boat

2) Use a trailer hook for better hookup ratios.

3) The further back the flying fish the better for swimming action.

Kite Fishing From The Beach?

This is an awesome application of kite fishing we had never seen before.  Kite fishermen in New Zealand fish for snapper from the beach using kites. 

Rigging Kite Fishing Baits: 

Rigging kite baits the right way is very important for presentation. We found some great instructional videos on how to rig baits for proper presentation. 

JupiterSailfish put together a great video on his channel showing you how to bridle your baits.  Bridling your bait while kite fishing is a great idea because it leaves the hook exposed and allows the bait to swim more freely. 

Orlando Muniz put together a nice video on how to bridle a your bait. Its always good to watch multiple videos on the same subject to make sure you've got all the angles covered. 

Carolina lures put together a nice video on how to rig a flying fish lure when trolling for tuna with kites. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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