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Best Videos On The Web For Fishing Yummy Flyers For SOCAL Bluefin Tuna

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Best  Videos On The Web For Fishing Yummy Flyers For SOCAL Bluefin Tuna

In recent years one of the most effective techniques for catching big bluefin has been the Yummy Flyer.  Anglers fishing “Yummys have been able to get big Pacific bluefin that were often finicky to commit to eating a bait.  Getting a hang of kite fishing may take a little bit of practice, but this technique can be deadly. 

Learn How To Kite Fish (Videos)

Do Long Range Boats Fish Yummy Flyers

If you hop on a Bluefin charter on a southern california long range boat your captain may decide to fly the “Yummy” during the day when they find Bluefin boiling and they don’t want to eat a “fly lined bait”.   What has been great about the Bluefin tuna fishing the past few years is that the trips are relatively short (2 days or less) since the Bluefin have been in range. 

Below is an awesome video put together by “SOCAL SALTY”  and filmed aboard the “Pacific Queen” out of San Diego should get you pumped up for dragging “Yummys”.  This was the angler in the videos first shot at big game fishing on a long range boat, hence the impromptu bucket fighting chair at 1:36.  

Can You Fly A Yummy Flyer Off Of Your Private Boat?

Of course, this technique is not just for the pros.  Below is the a video put together by “Western Waters” on what this would look like. They hook and land a COW!  This video is awesome:

How Do You Rig A Yummy Flyer?

Below is a well put together video produced by “Local Knowledge TV” on how to rig a yummy flyer.   You are going to need some 400LB Mono to rig your flyer. Ali mentions “needing a 2.0mm crimp” on Bullbuster you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong crimp (why you will never buy the wrong crimp again). 

Below is another video on how to rig the “Yummy” . This video was posted by “Carolina Lures” 

Can I Use A Real Flying Fish Instead Of A Plastic Flyer For Bluefin?

Many anglers ask if you can use a real flying fish instead of a plastic one. The answer is YES! In this video starting at 9:53 you can get a good explanation of when it would be a good time to pull out a real flying fish.  This is video was posted on Youtube by “Big Bass Dreams”:

Is The Yummy Flyer The Only Way To Catch Pacific Bluefin?

Flying a kite may not be for everyone. It also is not the only way to catch bluefin.  A few other ways include fly lining live baits, throwing lures into boiling tuna, fishing a sinker rig, and dropping a flat fall jig (this is particularly effective at night). 

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