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Best Videos On The Web For Crimping Monofilament Fishing Line

Author: Bullbuster Team

Learn How To Crimp Monofilament Fishing Line

In this article you will find three of the best videos on the internet that show you how to crimp monofilament fishing line.  You will learn why crimping is necessary with heavier monofilament, as well as what not to do if you want a secure connection to your hook or terminal tackle when crimping. 

Why Crimp Monofilament Fishing Line?

As your monofilament fishing line gets thicker, lets say 200Lb test and above, it starts to get bulkier and often stiffer.  Many knots that you would use for lighter monofilament are either tougher to tie, or plain out just don't work with heavy monofilament.  Using aluminum crimp sleeves to "crimp" your heavy monofilament is a proven technique to make secure connections to your hooks and terminal tackle such as swivels. 

(Learn How To Never Get The Wrong Crimp Sleeve Again)

Videos That Show You How To Crimp Monofilament Fishing Line

Below you will find the three best videos on the web for using aluminum crimp sleeves to crimp monofilament fishing line.  Youtube videos are a great resource for learning new things, if you don't understand something, you can always pause and start it again. 

Making Leaders In Your Garage Tackle Center 

This video posted by "Med Club Dr. Jen" ? doesn't look like it was put together by Dr. Jen, but that is another story, shows you a guy in a typical garage rigging station crimping mono to connect a hook.  Some parts of this video are a bit blurry at the wrong times, so if you need further help or specifics check out the videos below this one. 

Video Showing How To Put Your Crimp In Your Crimper

The video below posted by "Tarpon World" on Youtube is great because it has close ups of exactly how you should be laying your crimp on your crimping tool to crimp correctly. 

Learn The Difference Between The Good The Bad & The Ugly When It Comes To Crimping

The video below  posted on Youtube by fishing show "IntoTheBlueFishing" is professionally shot and goes in depth into crimping technique.  Whats great about this video is that towards the end of it (starting at "1:37") you get to see three different results of a crimp job.  We call it "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly", these are three possible outcomes of your crimping job.  

5 Times When You Should Be Crimping Your Lines

Below are 5 times you should be crimping your lines instead of just tying knots. It comes down to the size of the line you are using.  You can crimp 80 and 100Lb mono and you can also tie knots with this mono, but when you start going 200Lb + you really need to start crimping. 

1) Rigging Trolling Lures - When rigging trolling lures anglers use anywhere from 40LB mono all the way up to 600Lb monofilament. For your big game trolling lures, you really should be crimping. 

2) Making Deep Dropping Rigs - Deep dropping rigs are often made with mono up to 400Lb test. This is because you want to use your deep drop rig for many drops.  You will need to crimp this mono for the best results. 

3) Making Swordfish Rigs - Swordfish rigs most commonly use 300-400Lb monofilament, skip tying knots for these rigs and grab your crimpers. 

4) Making Landbased Shark Fishing Rigs - After a small section of single strand wire or cable you are going to want to use a swivel to some heavy (600-1000Lb mono) for better leadering and re-use of your leaders, time to pull out the crimpers. 

5) Rigging Yummy Flyers - When rigging yummy flyers you may want to use 200-300Lb mono, these fish aren't going to be line shy since half the time your bait won't even be underwater.  Time to pull out the crimpers. 

List Of 5 Of The Best Crimpers (Crimping Tools)

On most anglers crimp when using our grander leader coils.  Below are 5 crimpers that we recommend that can be found online. 

  1. 1) Best Crimper To Be Used With Our 1000Lb Monofilament -  For most lines you can use a standard crimper, however with our 1000Lb mono you are going to need a special tool that can fit around the massive 3.7mm diameter of this heavy monofilament. 

Big Game Crimping Tool

  1. 2) Standard Crimping Tool On Amazon - This crimping tool is pretty standard and can be used for up to our 500Lb monofilament.  It also features a cutter for cable which can be useful if you are rigging for wahoo or sharks with stainless steel cable.  

  1. 3) Bench Crimper For Your Home Rigging Station -  This crimper is awesome if you have set up a home rigging station in your man cave or your garage.   You can use this crimping tool for up to 1000Lb test and having it on a flat surface will give you a stable place to crimp correctly. The supplier for this crimper is Capt. Harry’s fishing supply a well recognized and family owned Miami Tackle store that is pretty well known world wide. 

  1. 4) The Billfisher CN-10 Crimper -  This crimper (linked to the Capt. Harry’s website) is a pretty standard crimper for crimping up to 400Lb mono. 

  1. 5) Precision Crimper For Lighter Lines - This Japanese crimper (Jinkai) is made for crimping lighter lines and can be very useful for crimping heavier fluorocarbon.   

Aluminum Fishing Crimp Size Chart

Below is a size chart for our aluminum crimp sleeves. All of our crimp sleeves are chosen specifically to fit grander leader material our premium monofilament so that when you order your fishing line online you know you have the right crimp.

Ever Wondered Which Crimp To Use For Your Leader Material?

We designed a neat tool so that you will never use the wrong crimp sleeve for your fishing line again. Whenever you add some grander leader coils to your shopping cart you will automatically have the right crimp recommended to you for your grander leader.  This is all part of our goal to help you spend more  time fishing!  

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Leader Material Coils

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Wrapping It Up

To sum up this article, you as your mono  gets thicker (200Lb test and above) you are going to want to start crimping.  Crimping is better for heavy mono because as it gets thicker knots that you used for lighter lines are either harder to tie, or plain just don't work.  When crimping make sure that you are :

1) Using The Right Size Crimp Sleeve For Your Mono (Learn How To Never Choose The Wrong Crimp Again)

2) Placing Your Crimp Sleeve In Your Crimping Tool Correctly

3) Leaving A Flair On Each Side Of Your Crimp So That The Aluminum Is Not Cutting Into Your Mono Leader Material

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community. Our mission is to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing.  You've already sampled our community, the next time you spool your reel, buy your fishing line directly from our factory and save tons of time and money.