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Best Rod For ____ Outline For Writing Articles On The Bullbuster Community

Author: Jianni Hitchman

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Ever wonder what action would be the best to catch bass, or snapper etc… Well me personally I like to use medium light all the way to medium heavy, because I enjoy a good fight. Well here’s a outline that you can use to post about how people can use your action to make people Spend More Time Fishing!

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Example Outline :

Below is H2

What Rod Action Would Be Best For ________?

3 Sentences Here explaining about what rod action it does.

Below is H3

Why I Choose This  _______ Action

2 or more sentences why you choose that action.

Below is H3

_____ Action Is Known To Catch Better _______(Fish)

3 Sentences or more explaining how easy or more fun the rod action would make fishing be.

Where Could They Find This Rod?

Just state the Store (If you can state the hour’s and where) or Website

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