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Best Resources On The Web For Docking Your Boat

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How To Dock Your Boat

There is nothing that can replace hands on experience or a mentor.  But here are a few of the webs best resources on docking a boat, dock lines, and docking technique.  If you are new to docking your boat or will be joining someone on their boat, watching a few of these videos will give you a heads start. 

Docking Your Boat 

There is a lot of potential to damage your boat or someone else's boat. Or embarrass yourself when docking a boat.  So this is a good guide to get you started.   Below is a pretty comprehensive video on docking posted by "Born Again Boating". 

The video covers a few topics about docking and different variables. 

1) Wind 

2) Current 

3) Neutral 

4) How Many Engines You Have

Wind & Tide For Docking Your Boat

The video below gets more specific about the wind current and docking your boat. It was put together by Capt. Dean Iverson. The great thing about this video is the drone gives you a great vantage point to really see what is going on. 

Tying Your Boat To A Dock

Below is a video posted on Youtube by Youtuber "BrookieCrist" on how to use your dock lines to tie your boat to your dock properly. 

A few important points from the video: 

1) Use long lines and have an angle instead of a short line straight to the dock or leaving slack. 

2) Wrap your line around the piling instead of just directly to the cleat

3) Have tie the line on an angle to cleat

Docking Your Boat In Close Quarters

Below is a video posted on Youtube by the "Gale Force Twins" on how to dock a boat in close quarters. 

Best Way To Tie Your Boat When You Are In A Slip

Ok so you got into the slip.  Now you want to tie your boat properly so that you don't damage it or another boat nearby. The video below covers the 8 lines you need for properly docking your boat in a slip. 

1) Bow lines - two of these

2) Stern lines - two of these

3) AB spring lines - two of these

4) FQ spring lines - two of these. 

Basic Knots For Tying Your Boat To The Dock

Below are a few of the basic knots you should know on how to tie a boat to the dock. 

1) Tying Your Lines To The Cleat

The video below posted on Youtube by "The Maryland School Of Sailing" shows you how to properly tie your lines to a cleat. 

2) Tying Your Lines To A Piling

Below is a video posted by Captain Grady of "Grady White Boats"  on how to tie your lines to a piling properly. 

Picking Your Dock Lines

Below is a video about picking your dock lines put together by the West Marine youtube.  West marine is a great vendor for dock lines and this video gets into detail about dock lines and why you would choose each type. 

Using Fenders For Docking

Fenders are a great tool to keep your boat from getting scratched or cracking the hull if you hit a concrete dock.  Below is a video on choosing your fenders for boating. 

How To Connect Your Fenders To Your Boat

Below is a video put together by "R Marine Jones - Riviera Queensland" on how to tie your fender to your boat. 

Connecting To A Mooring Buoy Properly

Sometimes you won't be docking, but instead connecting your boat to a mooring buoy.  Below is a video on connecting to a mooring buoy properly that was put together by "Salt Strong". 

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