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Best Recipes On The Web For Yellow Tail Snapper

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How To Cook Yellowtail Snapper 101

Tons Of Recipes For Yellowtail Snapper In One Place

Yellowtail snapper are a heck of a lot fun to catch, they are also great eating. You can cook them whole, or fillet them. No matter how you cook them though, its hard to get enough of that white meat. Our number 1 recommendation for cooking yellowtail is the less you put on it the better it will be. Let the natural tender flavor of yellowtail be enjoyed on its own. We put together this resource on cooking yellowtail as a part of series of articles on cooking your catch. We hope you enjoy these recipes with your family and friends and hope that this article helped you spend more time fishing. 

How To Fillet A YellowTail Snapper:

** If you already know how to fillet your fish SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

This video posted by "Nick Arias" (its obviously not Nick in the video) give you a great tutorial on how to fillet a yellowtail. 

How To Scale & Gut Your Yellow Tail Snapper: 

** If you already know how to gut & scale your fish SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

Great video put together by "DearMeatForDinner" on how to scale and gut a yellowtail snapper. We've Gotta admit this guy has a unique style of doing this that works really well.

How To Cook A Yellow Tail On Your Stove Top

This video was posted by "Videolynxcontent" shows a great keys style recipe for making sauteing yellowtail snapper. These guys aren't fishermen, but they do cook a mean yellowtail snapper that you can use. 

How To Grill A Yellow Tail Snapper

WARNING HILARIOUS INSIGHTS ON SNAPPER IN THIS VIDEO. Again, this guy does not fish buy "Rafael Velazquez" , minus his extensive knowledge of snapper knows how to grill them, pay attention.

How To Fry Yellowtail Snapper

This video by "Jaimacan Food- Jamaican Dinners- Video Network" shows you how to try up a caribbean  secret style yellow tail.  This one made our mouth water, it also makes us feel like its time for another trip to the Islands. 

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