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Best Recipes On The Web For Redfish

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How To Cook A Redfish 101

Tons Of Recipes To Cook Redfish In One Place

This article combines a number of resources from all over the web to give you a number of options to cook your redfish. Most recipe's come from the Gulf Coast Region. If you have any suggestions for us to add to this list please e-mail us at We are always looking for articles that combine fishing and cooking your catch. Sometimes during our article series on how to cook your catch we have had to refer to chef's that don't fish.  We don't want to do that, so send us your best cooking and catching videos. 

Not only are redfish fun to catch but they are good eating as well. Blackened redfish is definitely the way to go here. The blackened redfish recipe was first popularized by chef Paul Prudhomme in the 1980's and the recipe has been spreading ever since.  We know that the  true Cajun style of cooking redfish has been around for a long time in Louisiana, and has been past down for generations. We would like to pay our respects to the great fishermen and chefs of the past who made these recipes possible. We put together this resource on cooking redfish as a part of series of articles on cooking your catch that we hope will help you to enjoy your catch with your family and friends and ultimately spend more time fishing.  

Gulf Coast Redfish
#BullbusterAmbassador Big Bully Outdoors with a nice gulf coast redfish.

How To Fillet A Redfish:

** If you already know how to fillet your fish SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

This video was posted by "Scott Gaspard" and filmed by his dad Jaqcues Gaspard. These guys look like they make a great father and son team. We thought it would be good to get a video out of Louisianna for this one, because we know theres no better spot to catch a red, and they gave us all Blackened redfish. 

How To Cook A Redfish On Your Stove Top:

This video was posted by "Michael Messeniac" a Louisianna fisherman that shows you how to make a pan seared bull red with a marinate. This recipe made our mouth water.  

This is another great redfish cooking video posted by "Rodney Rodgers Outdoors".  In the description he warns you that your mouth will be watering while you watch this video.  He was right.  Man that looks good!

How To Grill Redfish:

This is another Cajun recipe posted by "Cajun Cooking TV The Stokes" .  Our favorite way to eat fish is grilled, so this is our number one pick thats for sure. 

How To Fry A Redfish (Texas Style):

This video was posted by "Texas Parks & Wildlife" .  This is a way to make a great hearty meal out of your redfish (everything is good with a beer batter).  Looks perfect for eating with a cold beer. 

Thank you for reading our article on how to cook your redfish.  Our goal is to help you spend more time fishing.  To spend more time fishing, become a member of and take a look at our brand direct fishing lines

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