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Best Recipes On The Web For Cooking Flounder (Fluke)

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Cook A Flounder  101 

Tons Of Flounder Recipes To Choose From

If you are fishing grass flats in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana, you are bound to run into these tasty gamefish. Flounder  has tender white and often flaky meat which is usually is pretty good with as little seasoning as possible.  Below we included a BUNCH of different ways to cook your flounder using the best videos on the web.  We put them all in one place so you can go back and forth between them, or try all of them at different times. 

How To Cook Flounder
#BullbusterAmbassador Landshark Fishing caught this flounder while wade fishing in the Indian River Lagoon.

 Now all these recipes are in place you know you can come back to. This article as part of a series of articles to help you prepare your catch for your family and friends and to help you spend more time fishing. 

 While we have been writing this series of articles, we have often had to use videos from professional chefs instead of fishermen; we would rather be use recipes from fishermen.


Below is a great video on how to fillet your flounder posted by the Youtuber: Thomas O'Bryant.

** If you already know how to fillet your fish SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

How To Cook A Flounder On Your Stove Top:

Below is a great catch and cook episode posted by "AnglerUp with Brant" fishing out of Pensacola, Fl.  SKIP TO THE 10 MINUTE MARK FOR THE RECIPE.

How To Grill Flounder:

Check out "InTheKitchenWithKen's" video on how to grill up your flounder.  Pretty interesting, he uses Banana leaves  below the video you will find the recipe from the description of Ken's video.

How To Fry Flounder 

Below is a great video put together by Youtuber "TheLiamVideo" on how to fry up a mean looking flounder. God just hearing that fryer bubble makes our mouth water. 

How Cook Your Flounder In The Oven: 

This recipe literally made us leave for lunch while trying to write this article. Check out this amazing recipe posted by "Kettlebottom"

We hope that you enjoyed this article on how to cook your Flounder.  Our goal is to help you spend more time fishing.  Become a member here at and check out our brand direct fishing lines. 

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