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Best Place To Buy Fishing Line In Hawaii

Author: Bullbuster Team

Buy Your Fishing Line Online & Get It Shipped To You In Hawaii

If you are from Hawaii and you buy a lot of fishing line to target Ahi or Marlin, your best bet is to buy your fishing line online and direct from the factory.  Here on you get free shipping for any order above $100.00.  If you are fishing for smaller fish from the surf , this might not be your best bet, in that case go to your local tackle store. 

Fishing Lines For Big Game Fishermen

We carry three types of fishing lines in bulk:

1) Monofilament Fishing Line

2) Braided Fishing Lines

3) Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Bulk Monofilament Fishing Lines For Hawaii

Our monofilament fishing lines come in two different sizes for the big game fisherman. 

5Lb Spools Of Monofilament

Our 5Lb spools of 50Lb - 200Lb will interest you for most big game fishing needs. 

Buy Monofilament Fishing Line Hawaii

22Lb Spools Of Monofilament

These spools are good for you if you are targeting ahi commercially.  At under $300 with free shipping, these spools are excellent if you are spooling 130´s or 80`s often. 

Buy Monofilament Fishing Line Hawaii

Bulk Braided Fishing Lines In Hawaii

The best best for fishermen looking for braided fishing lines is our 2500 yard bulk spool of braid.  We have two types of braid.  Solid core braid and hollow core braid. 

Click Here To See Our Solid Core Braid

Click Here To See Our Hollow Core Braid

Bulk Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Hawaii

Our best fluorocarbon spool for Hawaiin big game fishermen  is our 500 yd spool.  

Click Here To See The 500 yd spool of Flurocarbon

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