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Best Lure For ____ Outline For The Writing Articles On The Bullbuster Community

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Use This Outline To Suggest Lures For Specific Types Of Fishing

Don't you ever wonder how other people do with the lures you have? Well this article would help out other people “Spend More Time Fishing” if you show how you do with all these lures you use.

Peacock Bass
Caught this little cutie in West Palm found a canal near my hotel and went to see it and it was filled with Peacock's!

Example Of Outline:

Below is H2

What Would Be The Best Lure For ________?

3 Sentences Here explaining about lures

Below is H3

Why I Choose _______ Lure’s for______

Put 3 types of Lure’s or more with a picture of each Lure.

Below is H3

This Lure ____ Is Known To Catch  _____

Each Lure that you picked out will have a picture of the fish you caught with it. (IF you have a picture of it)

Where Could They Find This Lure?

Just state the Store (If you can state the hour’s and where) or Website.

 I have Several more articles over this coming out soon, Stay Tune! 

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