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Best Knots For Tying On A Fishing Hook

Author: Bullbuster Team

Want To Know The Best Knots For Tying On A Fishing Hook?

Below is a great video posted by " Encylopedia Of Popular Knots" that shows you 5 different types of knots that you can use to tie on your fishing hook. 

* This video is great at showing you how to tie the knots but it actually misnames a few so here are the names of the knots the person is tying

1) Loop Knot 

2) The Palomar Knot

3) The Improved Clinch Knot

4) The Uni Knot

5) The Jammned Snell Knot

Below we went out and found the best video on the web for each of the above knots just in case you wanted to get a bit more in depth with that knot. 

1) The Loop Knot To Connect Your Hook

Ok so the loop knot in the video above is not the same knot as the loop knot shown below, but we figured you should probably take a look at this type of loop knot as well. "Salt Strong" fishing put together and excellent video on how to tie a loop knot.  Advantages of this loop knot is that loop gives your hook more leadway which can lead to more action for your lure or even live bait.  Other names for this knot are the "Non-Slip Loop Knot" or the "Kreh Loop Knot"

Ok, hope you enjoyed the loop knot from Salt Strong fishing above.   However, the loop knot that the video at the top was talking about is more about the concept that if you create a loop, this concept can be used to make a number types of rigs, however this knot is most often used in a chicken rig by using a dropper knot.  The video below posted by "How To Fish" on Youtube shows you how to make a dropper knot. 

2) The Palomar Knot To Attach Your Hook 

Below is another great video posted by "How To Fish" on Youtube that is a bit more visual (due to the huge hook and yellow  chord) on how to tie a Palomar Knot. 

3) The Improved Clinch Knot To Attach Your Hook

The improved clinch knot is probably one of the most popular knots to attach a hook simply because it is super easy to tie. There is a very low learning curve for this knot. Below is a video posted on Youtube by "Salt Water Experience"  that shows you how to tie the improved clinch knot.  This video is extremely well filmed with clear footage, has step by step directions, and uses a black background with pink chordage that really stands out and lets you see the knot tying steps. 

4) The Uni Knot For Attaching Your Hook 

If you have read other articles here on the Bullbuster community, you know that this is probably our teams favorite knot.  Below is a video posted by "Darcizzle Offshore" on Youtube that shows you how to use the uni knot to tie on a hook. 

5) How To Tie Your Hook On With A Snell Knot

Below is a great video posted on Youtube by "WhyKnot" that shows you how to tie a snell knot. 

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