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Best Kayak For Dropping Baits

Author: Michael McAnulty

Best Kayak From Landbased Shark Fishing From Texas Beaches

 I have used a wide variety of kayaks from low end pelicans up to natives, perceptions, ocean kayaks, and canoes. Of all the ones I used the pelican was the worst one I've ever used. My personal favorite all around brand is ocean kayak. My two favorite models are the scrambler and frenzy

Best Kayak To Drop  Baits For Shark Fishing

Best Kayak For Fast Shark Bait Drops

The scrambler is great for flat to semi rough days. It is fast tracks great through the water and is great for long drops. 

Best Kayak For Dropping Shark Baits Quickly
Photo of the Ocean Kayak Scrambler Via

Best Kayak For Dropping Shark Baits In Rough Surf

The frenzy is my personal favorite.i like it because it cuts right through breakers and is very stable. It's not a very fast kayak but on rough days you'll have no problems getting baits out with no worries of flipping. You can get baits out fast even in rough surf. 

Best Kayak For Dropping Shark Baits In Rough Surf
Photo Of The Ocean Kayak Frenzy Via

A Final Note On Kayaks For Dropping Landbased Shark Fishing Baits

Both kayaks drain very well and are very comfortable. The ocean kayak has been dubbed a kayak you cant fish out of but I can tell you personal experience I've taken it out and fished from it after dropping a bait. There are some tricks for riding waves and how to float over breakers. When a wave breaks lean back and bring the front of the kayak up. When coming back in you can surf waves by leaning forward. If you feel like you're about to tip throw your leg over the side also keep the kayak as straight as possible to minimize your risk of flipping. In my eyes the ocean kayak brand is king; fast, efficient, and stable. 

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