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Best Guide To Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

Guide To Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Below is a comprehensive guide to fluorocarbon fishing lines.  

Why Would You Use Fluorocarbon Vs. Monofilament Fishing Line?

Fluorocarbon is made out of a different material than a monofilament fishing line which makes it a lot harder and lot more see-through than monofilament. Fluorocarbon is denser then monofilament which makes light go through it in a way that makes it less visible underwater. The hardness of the fluorocarbon increases the lines abrasion resistance. 

What Size Spools Should You Get Fluorocarbon Fishing Line In?

On fluorocarbon comes in two different types of spools. We call them the leader bag spool and the bulk spool. 

Leader Bag Size Spool Of Fluorocarbon

This spool is good for you if you want to have a number of Lb tests in your tackle bag. 

Bulk Spools Of Fluorocarbon

You are going to want this spool if you are using the same Lb test often or if you are doing a type of fishing that uses a very long leader (for example kite fishing or bottom fishing). 

Debunking Claims That Monofilament Is More Abrasion Resistant Than Fluorocarbon

Below is a badly designed experiment that tries to debunk fluorocarbons abrasion resistance. You have to look at the design of the experiment.  

Why The Experiment Below Does Not Work 

The hardness of fluorocarbon prevents minor nicks in line in many situations that cannot be simulated with sandpaper.  Any minor nick in line greatly reduces the strength of your line. There are very few situations in the water where you get the precision resistance that comes with sandpaper. 

What You Should Be Doing When You Pull Your Fluorocarbon Out Of The Spool

1) Wipe It Down - You are spending the money on your fluorocarbon so wipe it down when you get it for the best result. We shrink your fluorocarbon and put rings over it to prevent as much dust as we can, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any dust. 

2) Straighten Your Fluorocarbon - A simple way to get rid of the memory on your line is to connect it to a hook and give it a steady pull. 

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