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Best Florida Pier Fishing Lures

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

My Favorite Pier Fishing Lures

The video below goes over my favorite pier fishing lures and why each one makes the cut!

Piers are very weather dependent fisheries, that must often require a lot of local knowledge to know what is running and when. 

I'm going to highlight what each lure can catch, as well as the best time to fish them.

#1 Rapala X-Rap

This is my first choice. This lure works great for snook, tarpon, bonito and kingfish in the Spring and Summer months. It however does require a moderate to light wind to really work effectively as it is not that heavy and does have a bigger profile. With this in mind, Fish it with winds lighter than 15 knots.

#2 Diamond Jigs

These are my go to on heavy wind days or days where the fish are way out there. The weight of the jig and the slim profile allow you to really launch it out there. Kingfish and Bonito love this jig worked fast skipping across the surface of the water. 

#3 Small Bucktail 

When fish get finicky and on light wind clear water days a small bucktail or nylon hair jig will be the ticket! Little jigs in the 1/8oz-1/2oz range work well in light wind conditions and can be used for a variety of species from mackerel, kingfish, bonito, jack, snook, ladyfish, tarpon, bluefish and many more. 

#4 Pompano Jigs

As indicated by its name is great for pompano! Doc's goofy jigs are my pompano jig of choice and are worked best with a fast pop off the bottom followed by a fluttering action on the way down.

#5 Spoons 

These are great on low lying piers, but not so much on higher ones. The reason being is that they must glide through the surface of the water and the higher angle of a pier, disrupts its function. These are mackerel, bluefish and ladyfish killers!

#6 Gotcha Lure

Probably my favorite Pier lure is the Gotcha! this lure is great on heavy wind days! This is hands down the best mackerel and kingfish lure out there, as well as fall mullet run lure. The fast side to side action entices a bite like no other!

I like to fish all my artificial lures with Bullbuster braid as it allows  you cut through the water and wind, feel more strikes and have the direct hook setting power needed to stick fish. 

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