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Best DIY Pier & Surf Fishing Carts

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Make Your Own Surf Fishing Cart

If you are into surf fishing you probably know that one of the biggest struggles is to get all of your gear out onto the beach.  If you are going to the pier, you know you are going to be lugging your gear a LONG ways. Carts make your life a lot easier.

This Is What A Commercially Made Cart Looks Like

In the video below posted on youtube by  â€œHow To Do Florida” the host shows you a commercially produced beach fishing cart.  You can buy one of these, but you can also make one yourself.

5 Reasons To Make Your Own Pier/ Surf Cart 

1) Fun - It can be fun to design and make your own gear. 

2) Customization -  When you make your own cart or modify one, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customization. 

3) Save Money - Ready made fishing carts are expensive and you may already have a cart that just needs to be converted laying around. 

4) You Know Your Fishing Spot -  You know your fishing spot better than anyone, so you can design a cart that meets your needs better than anyone. 

5) An Opportunity To Innovate - You may have a cart innovation you are just dying to try out. 

Very Basic Customization Of  A Pier Cart

This is a customization you can do to a pier cart super fast, all you need is a PVC pipe, a saw and some zip ties. Look below to see the article by "LittleMtnOutdoors". 

How To Make A Basic Surf Fishing Cart

This cart posted by “ Robert Woods”   takes a regular cart and customizes for rods and fishing gear. This is a great solution for most people.  Here you are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but instead customize the cart for your specific needs.

Make A Cart Out Of Your Kids Toys They Grew Out Of

Below is a video posted by Youtuber "Kayak Fishing Hacks" where he shows you how to make a dock cart out of a todler bike your kids have probably grown out of. 

Basic Tools  & Materials You Will Need To Make Your Own Cart


PVC can be found at your local hardware store such as Ace Hardware, Lowes, or Walmart. PVC can be used for all types of customizations to your cart such as rod holders, the frame itself, or special accessories to hold things like your knife or pliers. 

PVC Cutter

The video below posted by the Youtube channel "Commercial Industrial Supply" shows you how to use a PVC cutter . A PVC cutter can be found online on Amazon or at local hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, Home Depot, & Lowes. 

PVC Cement & Primer

The video below posted by "Benjamin Sahlstrom" shows how to put PVC pipes together using PVC Cement and Primer.  

Zip Ties

Zip Ties can be purchased in bulk packs at most hardware stores or online on Amazon and can be used to attach vital accessories such as rod holders. 

List Of Features You Can Put On Your Cart

- Rod Holders 

Rod holders are obviously one of the most important parts of your beach cart. These can be made from scratch with PVC or they can be purchase ready made, like the ones below that are designed specifically for spinning reels. 

Rod Holders For Spinning Reels

- DIY Livewell 

Having live bait can be a major key to success. Having a place to store and keep it lively can help you catch more and bigger fish. If you don't have a cart it may be one of the things that you choose to go without since you don't want to lug so much stuff out with you. 

DIY Livewell

- Special Wheels For Different Situations

Wheels for sand:

Wheels For Sand

Wheels For Flatter Surfaces Such As Concrete

Wheels For Smooth Surfaces

Heavy Duty Rubber Tires

Trailer Hitch

- Knife Holder

- Plier Holder

Type Of Carts That Can Be Used As  Base For Your Cart

- Flatbed Cart

Crate Wagon

Crate Wagon

Strongway "Garden Cart"

- Cart Completely From Scratch (Total PVC) - This link has a complete set of plans for making the cart from scratch out of PVC.

- Foldable Cart

Foldable Cart

5 Ready Made Surf Fishing / Pier Carts

If you need a cart in a hurry, are not very handy, or have the cash to blow you may not want to make your own cart. You may also be new to landbased fishing and want to trust the experts who have thought through countless features that are going to make your life easier.  Below are 5 carts that will work if this sounds like you.  Also, if you are making your own cart some of the features in these carts may peak your interest. 

1) Surf Fishing Cart On Amazon -  The surf fishing cart below has good beach wheels, several rod holders, and an area for you to stick any sand fleas you may catch for surf species such as pompano

Surf Fishing Cart On Amazon

2) Basic Pier Fishing Cart By CalcuttaThis cart has basic features you will need to bring your tackle box and a few rods out to the pier, it is also relatively economical. 

Basic Pier Fishing Cart

3)Offshore Angler tm Beach Cart - This cart by Cabelas is a decent surf / pier fishing cart at a reasonable price. 

Beach Fishing Cart

4) A Dolley -  This may be simple, but if you are bring gear such as a kayak out for landbased shark fishing, this may be all you need.

A Dolley

5) Simple & Inexpensive Pier Cart- This is a simple cart for under $100.00. 

Simple & Inexpensive Pier Cart

5 Reasons To Use A Commercially Made Pier Cart

1) Its Ready To Go - Maybe you just want to get out and go fishing, this thing is already made. 

2) Customizations Have Already Been Thought Of - If you buy a deluxe cart many customizations have already been though of. 

3) You Have The Money But Not The Time - At some point in our lives we have more money than time so you want to make the most of your time and just get out fishing. 

4) Certain Components Are Expensive - Face it if you are making your own cart and you don't have your own tool shop you will need to buy many of the components. Individual components can be expensive and the costs can end up being similar to if you just bought a ready made cart.

5) Your Just Not Handy - Nothing to be embarrassed about, not all of us are. 

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