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Best Apps For Weather And Charts!

Author: Chester Gamble

Wanna Know Tf It's Going To Rain Cats, And Dogs Here's How...

Just like everywhere  La Jolla water can change quick! When on a kayak surf is paramount when you think about damaging or losing equipment in a rollover. Magic Seaweed and Surfline free apps is a must. First they are free. Second it is updated every 30 minutes! Swell, surf and wind all dictate how your day will begin or end. Anything under 2ft is an easy day. Additionally make sure you check how far apart your sets are coming in. If it says 3 seconds that means your going to have to get on your yak fast to beat the next wave. Traditionally we see anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds here in La Jolla. If your seeing 15 seconds or better I will go out in 3 to 4 foot waves. Now I move on to weather apps. MyRadar free app will show you storm cells moving throughout the area. The importance of this can not be downplayed. In conjunction with MyRadar ensure you have the Weather Channel and Accuweather apps. Knowing. Wind direction speed will help you determine the direction you want to start your trip so you can end the day with the wind at your back. Last my favorite fishing app has to be Aqua Maps Pro. They have every chart loaded for every location and uses very little space on your phone. The free app only has one grid zone at a time. Still effective but is a pain to move from one area to another. Bonus you get all open knowledge reefs and wrecks. This enables you to plot your course well prior to hitting the water. Only downer I have had is when your using the app as your primary GPS. Can kill a battery quick like. Hit me up on American Yakers Facebook page. Chester Gamble, Fish on. 

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