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Being Observant On The Water

Author: Jaren Luke

#1 Tip For Kayak Fishing

As an experienced kayak fisherman one thing that I always stress is being observant and paying attention to detail. I often see many kayak fishermen old and new paddling around all day staring at their fish finder. While the fish finder is an amazing tool, it is not the only tool in the toolbox. 

Kayak Fishing Wahoo (Ono)
Hawaii is on of the few places where you can catch wahoo (ono) from your kayak consistently.

While fishing I am constantly switching my focus from fish finder (for bait and depth), the water (for pelagic fish and surface bait), and the sky (for birds that mark bait and predatory fish). This has allowed me to catch fish on more than one occasion and I believe it was a direct result of good observation.

Mahi Hawaii Kayak Fishing
Some nice mahi from a recent kayak fishing trip

I went out recently on a beautiful day with very light winds. The first couple hours of the day consisted of catching some live bait. Catching bait was a challenge to say the least, but finally I had a few hardy live baits in my live well. I trolled one behind my kayak for a while without a bite when suddenly something caught my eye in the water about 10 yards from my kayak. It was a cow or female mahi mahi! 

"I Was On A Second Fish In A Matter Of Minutes"

I quickly reeled in my bait closer for the mahi to see my bait and as soon as she did she attacked it and I was hooked up! During the initial run I noticed a second, bigger bull (male) mahi mahi trailing the cow. As soon as I saw this, I knew that I needed to land this cow mahi ASAP to give myself a chance at catching the bull. 

Immediately after landing the cow, I quickly rigged another live bait and flipped it as high and as far as I could to make a nice splash as the bait landed in the water. It didn’t take longer than 30 seconds for the bull to engulf my bait and I was on to a second fish in a matter of minutes. 

I ended the day with those two mahi mahis and I believe if it wasn’t for good observation seeing those fish, my day would have had a lack of action to go along with a fishless dinner.  Aloha.

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