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Bait Bomb

Author: Fred PEREZ

Make Your Own Shrimp Flavored Baits

I recently saw a video of a company making bait bombs and the video showed the fish attracted to the fizzing ball in the water.  All they did was toss it overboard and wait. The ball released an attractant cloud and the bite was on.  So I took to the lab and tried several formulas.  I tried fish oils and even tried blending fresh bait fish into a paste I don't recomnend the second unless you find a good preservative and something to kill the smell.  While it had a little success after weeks of trying to get it right I finally found something that worked. A standard fish attractant that you spray on lures.  I tried several and they all showed decent results.. but I found Gulp worked the best. Depending on the type of fish you are targeting is the flavor you use.  I personally like the Shrimp flavored for salt water.  Here is the formula for making what I call fish fizz.

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup Epsom salts

1 tsp. water

2 tsp. Fish attractant ..

3 tsp. oil (olive oil)

food coloring 



bath bomb mold

My biggest advise is mix dry ingredients first  and when adding the wet very slowly or the it will fizz in the bowl and keep stirring as you mix.  Well good luck and happy fishing.

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