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Backing Big Reels For Fishing In Hawaii

Author: Bullbuster Team

Spooling Reels For Fishing In Hawaii

If you are spooling your fishing reels to fish offshore in Hawaii then that means that you are going to go through A LOT of fishing lines since there are some monsters out there.  You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to catch that Grander Marlin or big Ahi. 

Monofilament Topshot For Big Game Fishing

One of the best ways to spool your reels is with braided fishing line on the bottom of your reel and a monofilament topshot. Braided fishing line last a lot longer than monofilament so you will probably be replacing this monofilament top shot more often. 

Braided Backing Big Game

Having braided backing on your reel means that you will get extra yardage out of your reel. It also means that you will be going through less fishing line. Braided fishing line lasts a lot longer than monofilament fishing line, so having braided backing on your reel means that you will need less monofilament fishing line when you go to change your monofilament topshot. 


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