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Avet Reel Cliker Upgrade

Author: Christopher Meza

made a simple video on how you can remove the springs off your clicker and make your avet clicker louder by this simple modification. might not be the best tutorial video I created but it’s really simple to do and the way I decide to remove the spring was by opening one end of the spring completely, then the other spring, I push out with a small screw driver. 

once removed, then you can cut springs in half and then the end that was opened completely, will need to be bent into a loop so that when we put the springs back it will hold in place. another option is to remove the c clip and that allows you to remove the entire clicker mechanism. once completely removed then it should be a lot easier to modify the springs. if you follow the video you will see that it’s not very completed at all and anyone can do this simple modification.

The reason I decide to try this is because I felt my avet clicker wasn’t loud enough and if we shortened the springs in half then we would increase the tension needed for the spool to spin when a fish takes our bait. When the tension is increased, clicker becomes louder and a lot less loose when set in bait position. i noticed a big difference after i shortened the springs and i compare how it sounds before and after in the video. leave a comment below on the youtube video if you think it made a difference for your reel!

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