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Avet 80w

Author: Michael Bergamo

are you trying to catch an shark of an life time. Well if you are you are gonna want to have the right gear. You are gonna want an 80w+ (Avet, Tiragra, international). Then you are going to want to get a 7-9ft rod that is rated for an 80w+. Once you got your reel and your rod go over to and order you some hollow core 130-200 and then you are gonna want to order 200yrds of some 200lbs mono leader (this for the top shot) once you receive your order spool up your reel with your 130-200lbs braid but leave enough room for 150yrds of your 200lbs mono top shot. Once reel is all spooled up and you got your rod it’s time to make your rigs. You are going to want to order some of bull busters 600-1000lbs mono leader. Once you receive the order go ahead to your local tackle shop and look for some crimps rated for 800-1200lbs mono (it might be easier to just order some). You are also gonna want crimpers bench crimpers would be ideal but if you don’t want to spend that type of money go over to your local Home Depot/Lowe’s and ask for cable crimpers bring your crimps with you to make sure they will fit. Then you want at least 800lbs swivels and some 24/0 circle hooks (catch all has good hooks). Then once you got all of that you can start crimping you swivels to each end of the big mono leader I would put to crimps to be safe. The 600-1000lbs leader needs to be 20-30ft long. At one of the ends put your 19 single strand wire about 4-5ft then at the end of that twist your 24/0 circle hook. Once your ready to use the rig tie the 200 top shot to the other swivel with a uni knot then you are good to go

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