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Aluminum Crimp Sleeve Size Chart

Author: Bullbuster Team

Aluminum Fishing Crimp Size Chart

Below is a size chart for our aluminum crimp sleeves.  All of our crimp sleeves are chosen specifically to fit grander leader material our premium monofilament so that when you order your fishing line online you know you have the right crimp. 

Aluminum Crimp Sleeve Size Chart

Ever Wondered Which Crimp To Use For Your Leader Material?

We designed a neat tool so that you will never use the wrong crimp sleeve for your fishing line again. Whenever you add some grander leader coils to your shopping cart you will automatically have the right crimp recommended to you for your grander leader.  This is all part of our goal to help you spend more  time fishing!  

Step 1) Select Your Grander Leader Coil

Step 2) Click The Cart Icon And Go To Cart

Step 3) Add The Recommended Crimp Sleeve For Your Leader Coil

Our website recommends exactly what crimp sleeve to use for the specific grander leader you are using.

Aluminum Crimp Kits On

Crimping Kit 

This kit has all the kits for monofilament under 400 Lb test including loop protectors for lines 400 Lb test and below as well. 

Crimp Kit

Big Game Crimp Kit 

The Bullbuster Big Game Crimping Kit has all of the crimps you will need for big game fishing 300 Lb - 1000 Lb grander leader. It also comes zip ties so that you can keep your coils in good condition. 

Crimp Kit

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