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All Colors Aren't Created Equal

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Different Color Lines for Different Situations

Bullbuster Set up. Fishing lines.
Qualia Reels spooled with different colored monofilament fishing lines

While every product made by Bullbuster is tried and true to be the best. All colored lines aren't equal. 

Even "non hi-vis" lines aren't created equal.

It's important to make the color of the line fit what you're going to do fishing wise. 

Color of the Water matters when choosing what type/color of Line to use.

When we're kite fishing, it's always HI-Vis since the main line is always out of the water. When we're slow trolling live baits or trolling bead baits/artificial in the main or upper water columns, it's blue, since that's the main color of the upper water column. 

Pink is the new blue.

When we're bottom fishing the deep, we go to the pink, since it does turn more of a grey underwater and closer to the bottom, it's more black/grey then it is blue. Think before you re-spool next time!!

Here is another article about scaling down to 40lb Fluorocarbon.

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