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Advertise Marine & Fishing Products With Magazine

Contact to get rates for the below. 

1) Regional Ads

If you contact us for a regional ad, we will work with you to get your ad placed in relevant articles in relevant areas in the region of your choice. 

2) Specific Articles

If you are interested in a specific article to put your ad into. Let us know about the individual article and we will calculate pricing based on that article's monthly reach and topic.  This is a good way to go if you have a specific topic you would like to cover. This will also give a commission to the author of that article. 

3) Entire Magazine

Get coverage on our entire magazine and get an estimated 60,000 views per month to your ad in fishing and marine-related topics. 


Put your ad in front of over 60,000 readers/month or segment your ads to be very specific to the type of article.  

For Example: 


Fish Recipes



Your Fishing Charter

Where Your Ad Will Appear

Contact for your ad!

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