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A Diversified Bait Box Is Key To Success For Swordfishing

Author: Team Swordacrazy

Switch Up Your Daytime Swordfish Baits To Get More Bites!

    We are all creatures of habit and over the years have formed routines and have certain things we like no matter the situation. While having your "go to" baits are good it is important to experiment and try new things. Having a diversified bait box is especially important while sword fishing.

Night Time Swordfish
Us Releasing A Small Night Time Sword Aboard SwordaCrazy Charters


"Had we continued drifting the squid we might not have had a bite all day"

   Whether you are day timing or drifting for swords at night, having different options can be the difference between success or getting skunked. We have always liked using a 150-250 gram rigged squid for sword fishing but swords also eat a lot of other things. Dolphin bellies, Bonita bellies and tinker mackerel are also all very good baits.  

      Recently we decided to rig up a couple amberjack bellies to try. It's solid white color, we felt, would reflect light better from our LP Diamond lights and it can be cut and rigged to swim very well. 

     We started the morning drifting a rigged squid up and down the lump with no bites. After 3 drifts in the same area we decided to pull out the jack belly! On the very first drop on the same lump we hooked a sword within minutes of being down. On the second drop, using the same bait, we immediately caught a nice Pomfret. 

Daytime Swordfish
We caught this daytime swordfish with our new invention when nothing was biting our go to baits

   Had we continued drifting the squid we might not have had a bite all day, but being diversified and trying something new paid off in a big way. Don't be afraid to try new things. You just might find something that works even better than anything you had tried before.

Every once in a while we get to bring up some creatures of the deep like this Pomphret that also took our new bait.

Find A Few Of Our Recent Rigged Daytime Swordfish Baits Below:

Died Blue Swordfish Squid
Dyeing squid can prevent them from turning white after extended time in the water.

Bonita Strip Daytime Swordfish Bait
Make use of those pesky bonitas. Strips of bonita make excellent swordfish bait especially once you cut them to swim properly.

Classic Squid Swordfish Bait
This is our go to swordfish bait. Open up any swordfish you catch and you will probably find at least a dozen squid inside.

Barracuda Belly Swordfish Bait
Baracuda belly's make daytime swordfish baits. Not only do they have their own unique smell but they have tough skin that helps your bait withstand multiple strikes.

Learn about night time swordfishing: 

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