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A Different Way To Catch Red Snapper

Author: Team Swordacrazy

Red Snapper Fishing Tips:  Drop The Lead  

(Well At Least Not In The Way You Think)

There has been no hotter topic as of late than the three day recreational, federal, red snapper season that was handed down to the gulf states. While almost all anglers are certainly angry about it, there is a possibility of a longer season coming. That being said the traditional way that most people catch snapper is by fishing on the bottom with a large sinker and a piece of leader. This is a battle tested way to catch all bottom fish no doubt but there is another technique you can try that will produce those much larger snapper everyone is looking for. 

  First you are going to need a spot that has a good number of red snapper. Start by pulling up and anchoring and get some chum going. Bonitas make great chunk bait. Cut it up into little pieces and throw three or four chunks every minute or so. Next take a piece of 60lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon about five feet in length and attach it to whatever pound main line you are using. Tie on you favorite circle hook and you're ready. 

Grab a chunk of Bonita and bury the circle in it and throw it out behind the boat where your chum is sinking down. NO LEAD!! I keep feeding line out slowly letting the bait sink naturally. The snapper will start to swim up off the bottom eventually making their way to the surface swimming around the boat! At this point you are ready to pick out the biggest ones and fill your box. 

  This is my absolute favorite way to catch big red snapper over 20lbs. Give it a try next time out and let me know how you do.

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