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7 Ways To Cook Your Catch

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Ways To Cook Your Catch

Cook Your Catch

There are 7 different ways to cook your fish. We will cover those below.  You will also find linked lists of fish that go well with this type of preparation. These lists are linked to the best recipes for each type of fish. Let the list begin!

  1. 1) Bake/ Broil Your Fish

     List Of Fisht That You Should Bake/Broil

  1. 2) Grill Your Fish

List Of Fish That You Should Grill

  1. 3) Smoke Your Fish

List Of Fish That You Should Use Your Smoker For

  1. 4) Sautee Your Fish

List Of Fish You Should Sauté 

  1. 5) Eat Your Fish Raw (Sushi/Sashimi)

List Of Fish You Should Eat Raw

  1. 6) Use Citric Acid To Cook Your Fish ( Ceviche)

List Of Fish That You Should Make Ceviche With

  1. 7) Fry Your Fish

  List Of Fish You Should Fry 

Regardless of how you choose to cook your catch.  Be sure to eat it as fresh as possible, there is a major difference in the taste of fresh caught fish and fish that you buy in your grocery store.  If you are planning on saving your fish f

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