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6 Different Types Of Fishing Rods

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6 Different Types Of Fishing Rods

  1. 1) Spinning Rod

    A spinning rod is a rod designed for a spinning reel and for casting.  The blank of the rod bends towards the guides. 

  2. 2) Baitcaster

    This type of rod is made for a bait casting reel.  It often has a lip coming out from the seat of the reel that is made as support for your pointing finger so that you can put more power and direction into your cast.  The line on this rod lays on the portion of the guide that rests on the blank of the rod, so the rod bends away from the guides. 

  3. 3) Trolling Rod 

     This rod is meant for trolling. It is often short and stout and is made to be fished either standup, or in a fighting chair. This rod is fished with a conventional reel so the line rests on the part of the guide that rests on the rod.

  4. 4) Bent But Rod 

    A bent butt rod is a rod with bent butt.  The advantage of this rod for trolling, is that it keeps your line closer to the surface of the water to prevent wind resistance from pulling your trolled lure towards the surface. This is often a good rod for trolling deeper baits such as wahoo lures with a trolling weight. Another good use for a bent butt rod is for deep dropping or daytime swordfishing. In this case the advantage of the bent butt rod is that it keeps your line away from the boat. 

   5) Jigging Rod

  Jigging rods, meant for vertical jigs are often made of light materials that help anglers not tire out when vertical jigging, they are also usually shorter too.

  6) Surf Casting Rod

  Surf casting rods are longer than regular fishing rods. They are long in order to give you a better cast as well as to hold your line above the waves.

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