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5 Ways To Use Google Earth For Daytime Swordfishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Use Google Maps To Up Your Swordfish Game

Swordfish also known as the Gladiators of the sea, are one of the most spectacular fish in the ocean.  They are highly migratory and are therefore are found all over the world, they grow fast and are therefore constantly eating, they can dive more than 2000 feet and can therefore handle temperature changes of over 40 degrees in the same day.  

Cool facts you might say. What is even more spectacular about these fish, is what it takes to catch them.  Swordfish are one most challenging and rewarding fish to catch.  Swordfish require highly specialized gear to land and are Lb for Lb one of the hardest fighting fish (1 hr per 100Lbs is a good rule of thumb).  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, swordfish have soft lips which means fighting a monster sword is a give and take game. 

We put together this article as part of a series of articles to try and demystify the gladiator of the ocean.  

Tips For Using Google Maps To Find Swordfish Spots

1) Look For A Big Whole In The Ground

Whole In The Ground For Daytime Swording
This photo via google earth shows you the type of whole that you will be looking for when targeting daytime swords.

2) Look For A Hill Surrounded By A Plateau

Hill For Daytime Swordfish
This photo via google earth shows you the type of hilly structure you are looking for when targeting daytime swordfish. These hills can cause upwellings, and also provide good structure for bait that the swords are targeting.

3) Look For A Valley Between Two Mountains

Valley For Daytime Swordfishing
This photo of an underwater valley is an example of great structure for daytime swordfishing.

5) Look For A Ridge

Ridge For Daytime Swordfishing
Ridges serve as a highway for swordfish since they provide consistent food for swordfish along their migrations.

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