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5 Ways To Stop Getting Seasick On Fishing Trips!

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Stop Getting Seasick!

Getting seasick can ruin a fishing trip for you. It is hard to enjoy a day on the water when you are feeling like crap and throwing up over the side. This article gives you 5 solutions that can make it less likely for you to get seasick. 

1) Use The Scopolamine Patch

The Scopolamine patch is simply placed behind the ear to prevent motion sickness. This patch however is not over the counter so you will need a prescription before getting one. If you plan on fishing a lot and get seasick, it may be worth your time getting a prescription. 

The video below posted on youtube by the channel "Physco Skipper" talks about the Scopolamine Patch. 

2) Take A SeaSickness Pill

Bonine and Dramamine are the two main over-the-counter seasickness pills. These pills have been known to be effective in preventing seasickness, however, Dramamine causes drowsiness, so you may end up sleeping more than fishing. 

According to "Dramamine is more effective than Bonine at treating seasickness but less convenient due to its frequent dosing."

3) Ginger

If you want to avoid a bunch of chemicals, Ginger has been known as a natural cure for motion sickness. Below is a video posted on Youtube by "TummyDrops" that explains how ginger can help with motion sickness. The video promotes a pill, but pure ginger can work as well. 

4) Wrist Bands

Another non-chemical way to prevent seasickness is to use a pressure point on your wrist. Below is a video posted on Youtube by "ehowhealth" that explains why this works. 

5) Control Your Environment

This last and most important tip is to control your environment. This can be used in combination with all of the above treatments. This means to keep yourself out of positions where seasickness is most likely. 

- Stay out of indoor areas of the boat where you cannot see where the motion is coming from. 

- Stay active tending to the lines and rigging baits. Stay present in what you are doing and not focused on the motion. This can do wonders for you. 

- Last but not least, if you can't stay active, keep your eyes on the horizon and not inward where there is no motion compared to the waves.

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