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5 Ways To Get Shark Bait

Author: Bullbuster Team

Looking For Shark Bait?

Shark Bait
Photo of Team Ninja Sharkers and South Florida Sharks With Some Rays For Bait.

Below are a few of the ways that you can get shark bait.  They aren't the only ways but they are tried and true. 

1) Go Fishing & Use Carcasses Of Fish You Caught

This probably the most fun way to catch shark bait especially if you are confident that you will catch a lot of fish. 

2) Make Friends With A Local Charter Captain

Charter baits go fishing almost every day of the year, so they have a constant supply of fish carcasses. 

3) Bring A Snag Hook To A Local Cleaning Station To Catch Stingrays

Stingrays often congregate under cleaning tables to eat the scraps.  Bring a snag hook or, chuck a piece of squid with a heavy shank hook down there and hold on!

4) Target Barracudas With Lures

Go fish in Barracuda heavy areas.  You may also catch other baitfish at the same time like Jack Crevalles. 

5) Go Gigging For Stingrays

One of the most effective ways to Target Stingrays is to go out in the flats and "gig" them.   

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