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5 Videos On How To Rig Natural Trolling Baits That Are Not Ballyhoo

Author: Bullbuster Team

Rigging Dead Baits For Trolling

We all know that ballyhoo is a great bait to troll because rigging ballyhoo is super easy, they are streamlined, and very abundant.  We put this article together just in case you wanted to switch it up.  This video is part of an article series that we hope will help you spend more time fishing. We like to use  the best videos from all over the web so that we can focus on giving you the best content to spend more time fishing.  We believe if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000. 

Rigging Squid For Trolling:  

Squid is a great bait to troll most pelagics spend their lives feasting on squids their whole lives.  Here is a video put together by Incognito Sportfishing on how to rig a squid for trolling.  You don't have to use a squid this big, but the idea remains the same for rigging all squid. 

Rigging Spanish Mackerel For Trolling: 

 When fishing for big pelagics including billfish, spanish mackerel can make great trolled baits.  You can use J hooks or circle hooks in order to rig them, but when fishing for billfish we recommend that you use a circle for better releases (hence we included a video with how to rig them with circle hooks).  This video was put together by In The Bite Sportfishing Magazine.

Rigging Bonita Strips For Trolling:  

Adding a bonita belly strip can make a great addition to most trolling set ups.  The scent and the color really spice up your spread.  Check out this video put together by Bill Miller on how to rig a bonita strip. 

Rigging Mullet For Trolling:  

Mullet make a great trolled bait. They are abundant worldwide and are easy to catch with a cast net since they are often found in large schools and in shallow water.  They make a great bait for regular trolling as well as for making dredges.  We have included two videos on rigging mullet for trolling.  One video was put together by LMR Tackle on how to rig a swimming mullet.  

Rigging Ribbonfish For Trolling: 

 Ribbonfish are an odd fish, but their flashy silver skin and awesome shape for swimming action makes them great trolled baits especially for  king mackerel.  Below is a video put together by Mike Wyatt of Texas Fishing Tips on how to rig a ribbonfish for trolling. 

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