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5 Uses For Grander Leader Material Coils

Author: Bullbuster Team

5 Uses For Leader Material Coils

In the video below we cover the 5 uses for grander leader material coils. We carry grander leader material coils from 150 - 1000Lb test monofilament. 

1) Making Shark Leaders - You may want to use a small length of wire, and the rest of your leader should be monofilament since it is easier to handle the mono than the wire with your hands.

2) Making A Night-Time Swordfishing Rig -  Swordfish have sharp bills, so you want to use heavy monofilament fishing line when targeting them. We recommend using 300-400Lb test monofialment for rigging for swordfish. 

3) Rigging Trolling Leaders -  If you are rigging trolling lures, you are going to want to use heavy monofilament (150Lb +)  since you do not want to need to change your rigging on your leader after every single fish. 

4) Making A Deep Drop Rig - Heavy monofilament is great for making deep drop rigs. 

5) Rigging Your Outriggers - Most anglers rig their outriggers with 400-500Lb test monofilament. 

Why You Would Want To Buy Leader Material In A Coil Vs. A Spool 

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