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5 Times You Want To Use Glowsticks When Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

When To Use Glowsticks For Fishing

Below is a list of 5 times where you will want to use a glowstick for fishing. 

1) Swordfishing At Night  

  Using a glowstick at night is important to attract swordfish in from the surrounding area.  To find your bait.  Using a glow stick may also attract baitfish to school around your bait which will encourage pelagics into the area. 

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2) Swordfishing During The Day 

 Most sun rays are filtered blocked out by water once you get to 400 feet deep.  When daytime swordfishing your bait will be way below this range. In the darkness surrounding the underwater mountains that swordfish hunt on light is usually the only sign of life.  Many fish in this deep water create their own light. 

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3) Landbased Shark Fishing At Night 

Night Time Shark Fishing

Glow sticks are good to use when trying to catch big sharks at night.  Some anglers believe that when big sharks are around glowsticks actually deter smaller sharks for fear of being eaten.  If you got to a big shark beach, make sure to include a glowstick on at least one of your baits. 

4) Deep Dropping 

Like we talked about earlier.  Once you get to water that is over 400 feet deep, very little light penetrates.  Using a glowstick can be a great way to attract more fish to your bait. 

5) Bottom Fishing At Night 

There are two ways to chum.  The first way you have a chum bag that is connected to your boat and lets chum drift backward at night this allows you to use the light of your boat to attract fish.   Another way is to put a chum bag on the bottom using a large weight, a special chum tool to do this, or using a downrigger.  When you put your chum bag deep, try attaching a glowstick to it as an extra attractant. 

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