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5 Times Line Capacity Wins When Spooling Your Reels

Author: Bullbuster Team

5 Times That Line Capacity Wins When Spooling Your Reels

One of the most important decisions for spooling your reel is figuring out what line you need for your reel.  It really comes down to line capacity vs. line strength.  Keeping this in mind you are going to choose your Lb test.  Below are 5 times that you will go for either a lighter Lb test or choose to add braided backing so that you have more line capacity on your reel. 

1) Fighting Multiple Fish At Once

If you are fighting multiple fish at once, you need lots of line capacity.  This is because you may need to let one fish swim and go WAY out before you can chase it.  This often means just leaving a rod in the rod holder and focusing on fish that you have hooked on other rods. 

2) Deep Water

If you are in really deep water, lets say that you are daytime swordfishing, you won't be able to chase your fish to the bottom, so you will need a lot of line even if you have a skilled captain that can stay right on top of the fish.  

3) When You Can't Chase Your Fish

Sometimes you can't chase your fish.  This can be because you are fishing from land, or are anchored. If you can't chase your fish then having a lot of line to let them run can be very useful. 

4) Landbased Fishing With No Structure

If you are fishing from land, you can't chase the fish, however you need to make sure that you are not fishing near structure, because when you have structure abrasion resistance become important, so you are going to want to use thicker lines. 

5) You Are Into Sport

Having more line, often means that you are fishing light lines.  This is more of a sport and takes more skill to land the fish. If you are into that, line capacity will be important. 

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