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5 Things You Should Know If You Are New To San Diego Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why You Should Come To San Diego If You Fish

Fishing In San Diego

1) The City Is Very Fishing From Land  Friendly  - You are able to fish from land in most areas, jetties, and beaches. 

2) Baitfish Area Easy To Come By -  San Diego has two bait barges, one at the mouth of San Diego Bay and one in Mission Bay. These bait barges usually have a good supply of herring and anchovies. 

3) Fishing Is Very Convenient Here -  Whether it is Dana Landing where you can buy your bait, tackle, breakfast, and launch your boat at the same time, or jumping on a “Cattle Boat” where you can bring your tackle bag and a few rods for a day trip and come home with 60-200Lbs of tuna. 

4) You Can Catch A Rainbow Trout & A Tuna In The Same Day -  The city of San Diego stocks many of its mountain lakes with rainbow trout.  If you wake up early it is entirely possible to catch trout in the morning and then head down to the ramp to target tuna in the afternoon. 

5) You Can Fish For Bass In Salt Water -   San Diego and Southern California in general is home to three species of saltwater bass. No, these bass are not technically related to largemouth bass or smallmouths, but you can catch them with very similar tackle and with very similar techniques.  These bass are Spotted Bay Bass, Calico Bass, & Sand Bass.

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