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5 Fishing Destinations In Baja California

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List Of 5 Fishing Destinations In Baja California

Some of the best fishing in the world takes place in Baja California. This peninsula that resembles the West Coast's Florida but is actually Mexican territory has everything from beach side upscale hotels, million dollar tournaments, green oceanside mountains, to small desert villages.  

A scenic landscape just south of Ensenada Mexico.


If you are fishing in Baja California you will either be fishing in the Sea of Cortez ( East Coast Of Baja) or the Pacific Ocean (West Coast Of Baja). Ok, lets get started with the countdown

1) Cabo San Lucas

Perhaps the most traveled to location in Baja is home to excellent fishing and is the most Americanized part of Baja.  It is the home to the worlds "Richest Tournament" the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament and is also known for its spectacular striped marlin fishing. 

Getting There:  The best way to get to Cabo is the fly into Cabo San Lucas International Airport. 

Below is a video posted by "Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournaments"  Youtube Channel about their Cabo tournament. 

Fishing Seasons In Cabo San Lucas

Knowing fishing seasons in your area is especially important for booking your trip if you have fishing goals in mind. 

Winter & Spring : If you are traveling to Cabo this time of the year you should witness some of the best striped Marlin fishing in the world. 

Late Spring & Early Summer :  This is a great time to target Rooster fish or what the locals call "Pez Gallo"

Summer:  Summer time in Cabo means big fish!  Blue & Black marlin galore. 

2) Loreto

Loreto Mexico is one of the premier locations in Souther Baja. It has its own airport and is located in Central Baja on the Sea Of Cortez side.  It is a great place to escape the Cancun like party atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas and get some great fishing in.  Loreto has excellent fishing for rooster fish, mahi, snapper, and more!

Getting There: The best way to get there is to fly into Loreto International Airport

Below is a video tour of Loreto Mexico posted on Youtube by "Tendencia Magazine"

If you are planning on trailering your boat here from Southern California, the video posted on Youtube by "Mike Bruer"  will give you a little bit more of what to expect. 

You can stay in the main town, or you can travel a little bit further north of Lorreto to Punta Chevato to have a more exclusive and private beach front environment for you and your family. 

Private House On A Beach Near Loretto
Check out this Airbnb for under $200 a night with your own private Beach at Punta Chivato. Use this link to learn more about this Airbnb In Point Chivato

Fishing Seasons In Loreto:

Knowing fishing seasons in your area is especially important for booking your trip if you have fishing goals in mind. 

Spring To Summer : Looking to target Billfish? This is your time to go. 

Fall To Spring:  Looking to target roosterfish and yellowtail.  This is your time to go. 

3) La Paz

Located just north of Cabo San Lucas on the Sea Of Cortez side of Baja, this is an excellent fishing destination.  Get out of Cabo craziness to enjoy a better stay and amenities. 

Getting There:  You can fly into either Cabo San Lucas International Airport or La Paz.  Check flight prices to either location. 

Perhaps the most well known outfitter here is called "Tailhunter Sportfishing".  Check out their video promo below:


Fishing Seasons In La Paz: 

Knowing fishing seasons in your area is especially important for booking your trip if you have fishing goals in mind. 

Winter: Yellowtail and snapper

Fall : Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, & Tuna

Spring: Striped Marlin, Yellowtail & Snapper

Summer: Blue Marlin & Black Marlin


This is great place to fish in Baja if you are traveling from Southern California. 

Getting There:  The best way to get there is to drive from Southern California. 

Check Out Our Articles On Ensenada: 

Things To Do In Ensenada Mexico

What To Do In Ensenada Mexico
The beach near a $20/ night Airbnb in Ensenada.

Fishing From Land In Ensenada Mexico

Fishing From Land In Ensenada Mexico
A large sandbass caught from land in Ensenada.

A Little Taste Of Ensenada Fishing

Since you are driving down, you probably will be bringing your own rods. Check out the Youtube Channel "Ensenada Fishing" to see what it will be like:

Esenada Fishing Seasons (Offshore): 

Knowing fishing seasons in your area is especially important for booking your trip if you have fishing goals in mind. 

Winter: Rockfish

Fall: Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna , Bottom Fishing (Late Fall)

Spring: Bass, Bonita

Summer: Bluefin & Yellowfin (Late Summer)

5) Bahia De Los Angeles

Bahia De Los Angeles (BOLA) is an awesome destination for the rugged SOCAL fishermen.  More rural than the destinations mentioned above, take the extra trek and trailer your boat south the this remote fishing destination for some of the best Yellowtail fishing you will experience. 

Getting There:  Make sure you have good tires and a spare or too and make the drive. 

Below is an awesome VLOG video posted by "Roman Castro Vlog" on Youtube about a trip from San Diego all the way down to BOLA that includes some epic fishing. 

Fishing Seasons In Bahia De Los Angeles

Knowing fishing seasons in your area is especially important for booking your trip if you have fishing goals in mind. 

Best Fishing: November - June for bottom fish and yellowtail. 

Other Resources For You If You Are Thinking To Travel To Baja To Go Fishing

Border Wait Time App -  If you have traveled to Mexico before by car, chances are you have waited at the border WAY longer than you wanted to.  The border can be so bad at times that restaurants along it actually offer seating since they know how long you will be waiting in front of them. 

Google Maps - Google maps can be a great resource for navigating since satellites will still operate even if you are not in range of cell phone service.  It is a good idea to download your google Map before you go on your trip, this way you can access it offline. 

Buying A Mexican Fishing License Online - If you are going to be fishing in Mexico you need a fishing license.  Use the linked portal to purchase your Mexican fishing license online. 

Traveling Down To Baja Via Boat

Above we covered ways to get to Baja via air or by car. Another option is by boat.  Many of the long range tuna boats from San Diego, make their way down to Baja.  Many private boaters may travel down as well.  Below is an account by "Glen Tripp" of growing up traveling down to Baja by boat. 

Boating in Baja 

“A personal experience” 

By Captain Glen 

I have been down through Baja a couple times, once when I was about 13 years old and we went to Ensenada, San Quentin, San Martin Island (a small Volcanic Crater Island, Bens Rock ( famous fishing spot), Cedros Island and Los Benitos Islands from San Diego. We lost our propeller at Los Benitos and had to stay at Cedros Island for 10 days, which was about 400 miles, south. The big takeaway was when there is heavy weather to not go too close to Puerto Canoas or below as there is a current set that can take a slow boat into the rocks. "The graveyard of Baja". 

I know the weather in late summer is not a good time to go because of hurricane season, the farther south you go. Most of the cruisers wait till at least Thanksgiving to go south. It's a Winter Paradise. 

When I was 20 I crewed on a 50 foot Navy Diesel Gunboat that was converted into a Yacht and there were only a few choice stops on the way down where you can get Fuel and Water. One is Turtle Bay or Bahia De Tortuga another is Cedros Island. In the fog I prevented our Captain not to run aground by shutting the power down. You are almost on your own in this vast desert that contains salt water. After I got off this Boat in Acapulco, Mexico it ran aground in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. There is a storm there sometimes named a "Tehuantepecker" Luckily I was no longer aboard. 

The run to Cabo is about 800 Nautical miles. You need to carry a lot of fuel to make it and there are few Services. However you are running with the winds and currents. We call it a Downhill Run. 

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