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5 Fishing Bay Boat Manufacturers

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Bay Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Are you looking for a boat to fish the bay and that can get out offshore on calmer days? If so this list of manufacturers is for you.  

1) Mako Boats 

Mako boats are well known for their bay boats even though they have expanded into other lines such as center console boats for offshore fishing, as well as flats fishing boats. They make a great all around bay boat. 

Mako Boats

2) Robalo

Robalo boats have been around since the 60's and makes a great bay fishing boat.  Named after snook in spanish, this is a great boat to fish jetties and inlets and make the run offshore when the waters aren't to rough. 

Robalo Boats

3) Cobia

Cobia makes a great bay boat.  It is now part of the Mako boat group as a sub brand. 

4) Thresher Boats

Based in San Clemente in Southern California Thresher boats, a family owned boat company makes a center console boats that are great for fishing the bay and making the run offshore when it is calm enough.  Take a look at their website.

Thresher Boats

5) Boston Whaler

Known for the "unsinkable boat", the boston whaler is probably the most well known bay fishing boat manufacturer there is. Like many of the older boat companies they have since expanded into different boat style markets as well. 

Boston Whaler Boats

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