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5 Center Console Boats For Offshore Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Center Console Boats For Offshore Fishing

Center console boats have rapidly become a standard boat for offshore fishing.  These boats are not only less expensive than the traditional sportfish, but they are often faster and more versatile to fish offshore fishing grounds. These boats often use outboard engines and are designed to cut through rough seas to get to the zone. Below is a list of 5 well known center console boat manufacturers that make boats specifically designed for offshore fishing. 

1) Contender Boats

Contender boats have been built for more than 30 years in Homestead Florida. These boats were well recognized in the late 90's early 2000's for dominating the South Florida Sailfish Tournament Circuits. Nowadays you will find these boats anywhere there is offshore fishing. This could be the Northeast Canyons, the Tuna Grounds of Venice Louisiana, some obscure Caribbean island, or central offshore central america. 

Contender Boats Website

2) Sea Vee Boats

Sea Vee Boats have a very similar structure to a Contender in that they are v-bottom boats designed to cut through offshore waves.  These boats are also built in South Florida. 

Sea Vee Boats

3) Freeman Boats

"The New Standard Of Offshore"

Freeman boats brought the catamaran style boat to the offshore market with a bang!  Traditional catamaran boats were not really designed to go fast like center console deep vee boats.  But the Freeman boats put in the deep vee and brought the stability of the catamaran to the offshore market.  These boats are especially popular in Venice Louisiana for tuna and have been made very famous by Cpt. Nick Stanzyk in Islamorada for landing big swordfish. 

Freeman Boats

4) Invincible Boats

Invincible boats upgraded the deep vee technology for boats by pushing the limits on size and speed of a center console boat. 

Invincible Boats

5) Everglades Boats

Everglades boats are the luxury center console boats for offshore fishing. This is the kind of boat that will have an air conditioning unit in your center console. A hot summer day in the Bahamas and you are not going to regret this extra luxury. 

Everglades Boats
Everglades Boats Website

What Should You Look For When Buying A Center Console Boat For Offshore?

1) Deep Vee - 

All of the boats in this category feature a deep vee and for a good reason. This is the best design to cut through big waves offshore and go fast. 

2) Fuel Capacity

How far are you going to be going with your boat. Are you buying this boat to go fish local offshore grounds or for making long runs to canyons or islands like the bahamas?

3) Storage

Storage on a boat is important. The more you have the better. But you know how you want to fish, so look for storage configurations that fit your style of fishing. 

4) Speed

Do you need to get where you are going fast or be there before others? If so speed is a consideration for you.

5) Customization

If you know what you want and have had other boats you may want to work with a manufacturer that gives you the ability to have some level of customization. 

When Would You Use A Center Console Boat For Offshore?

1) Kite Fishing For Sailfish

2) Fishing The Northeast Canyons For Tuna

3) Fishing The Mid Atlantic For Marlin

4) Fishing For Swordfish In The Straights Of Florida

5) Fishing Offshore Oil Rigs In The Gulf Of Mexico

6) Fishing In Central America For Billfish

7) Running To The Bahamas To Fish

8) Running And Gunning On Tuna In Southern California

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