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5 Best Videos On How To Rig Ballyhoo For Trolling

Author: Bullbuster Team

Videos That Show You How To Rig Ballyhoo

Hi everyone as part of our mission to help you spend more time fishing put some of the best videos on how to rig ballyhoo that the web has to offer in one place.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video must be worth 1,000,000.

Ballyhoo Rigging Video Countdown

In Depth Video On Basic Ballyhoo Rigging

In this video Bullbuster Ambassador Landshark Fishing goes really in depth on rigging your ballyhoo.  Everything from catching your ballyhoo, to draining the ballyhoo's poop, to the components that go into rigging, to the actual rigging.  Viktor as always is very thorough so this video is VERY useful if you are just getting started or even reviewing your rigging techniques. 


Basic Ballyhoo Rig:  Heyboy96 put together a great video on rigging ballyhoo for trolling.  This technique can be used worldwide for trolling ballyhoo. This video shows you to rig ballyhoo with monofilament, crimps, copper wire, and a j-hook. 

Rigging Ballyhoo & Planning Ahead:  The team at Florida sportsman put together a quality production on rigging your ballyhoo and planning ahead.  Cpt. Rick Ryals preaches to  "BE PREPARED BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE DOCK!" 

How To Rig A Ballyhoo With A Circle Hook:  The IGFA has always been a great resources for sportfishing techniques. Check out their video  from the IGFA school of sportfishing on rigging a ballyhoo with a circle hook. 

How To Make A Chin Weighted Ballyhoo: Sometimes you want your ballyhoo to swim just beneath the surface. If this is your goal, a chin weighted ballyhoo is the way to go.  Check out this video made by the Offshore Academy on how to rig a chin weighted ballyhoo. 

How To Rig A Weedless Ballyhoo With Cable: Some of the best places to troll are where current edges gather sargasm for miles to form a weedline and gather massive amounts of concentrated baitfish looking for cover. When trolling along weedlines there is often  no shortage of floating clumps to mess up your spread.  Use this technique to avoid clearing your spread a millions times when you are trolling IN THE ZONE. 

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