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5 Best Snook Fishing Lures

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

The Top 5 Best Snook Fishing Lures.

With Snook Season in full swing I wanted to highlight a video I have filmed in the past with my good buddy Ben Begovic. If you don't know Ben, he is a snook fanatic and has dedicated hundreds of hours to catching snook on artificial, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to the After Hours Snook game!

I will start in the reverse order of his favorite go to snook Baits!

Coming in at #5 is the Hammertail Swim baits, which are a soft plastic that are meant to be fished with Big Jigheads in the 1-3oz range. These swimbaits have a nice slim profile resembling a Pilchard, Sardine or Mullet.

#4 is the wind cheater or X-rap. Essentially this category is reserved for plugs with a lip. These are meant to be fished when fish are feeding in the top of the water column.

#3 is the DDX Soft plastic bait. This bait is perfect for bouncing off of the bottom. If the snook are being really picky and do not want a faster moving bait, the DDX is a quick fix as it can be worked real slow and low to the bottom.

#2 is the Flair Hawk jig. These Jigs are probably the most well know artificial lure in the snook world. Nobody really quite knows what snook they are, but IMO I think it just has a profile that perfectly resemble many of the things they feed on, whether it be a Mullet, Perch or Crab. These Jigs are perfect for heavy current applications as they do not have much water drag. 

#1 is the Spooltek Lure. This is essentially the swimbait of the century. I have seen more snook fall to this lure, than any other! The extremely lifelike paddle of the tail combined with the wobble of the Hard body make it deadly. Not to mention the concealed leader technology is one of a kind.

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