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5 Best Land-based Shark Fishing Baits

Author: Bullbuster Team

Choosing Baits For Landbased Shark Fishing

Landbased Shark Fishing Baits

Ever wondered what the best baits are for land based shark fishing? You've got the gear, you've spooled your new reel up with mono and braided backing, now for the baits.

We've put together a list of the best shark baits out there. If you soak these long enough you are going to get hooked up!

1) Barracuda:

Nothing stinks like a cuda!  Cuda is one of the best and most consistent shark baits out there.  For a big cuda, put it out whole or split it into two baits. 

Cudas For Shark Bait
#BullbusterAmbassador, Big Bully Outdoors with some big cudas caught for sharkbait using Bullbuster Braid

2) Stingrays (Southern Or Cownose):

This is a bait for monsters. Often when you catch a big hammer or a tiger shark you will find tons of stingray barbs in their mouths. In fact, it is thought by some that hammerheads heads are designed to find and then pin these rays to the bottom for some good eating!

Southern Rays

Southern Ray For Shark Bait
Angler, Steven Stallings poses with a big southern ray caught for shark bait on Bullbuster Monofilament.

You can put out a southern ray, whole or split in to three pieces. Each wing of a stingray makes great bait, and so does the center piece. 

Cownose Rays

Cow nose rays for shark bait
#BullbusterAmbassadors, Ninja Sharkers & South Florida Sharks team up to snag some cownose rays for sharkbait

 Not only are there a ton of these at the right time of the year, but sharks love them! This is a good bait to put out whole for a monster.

3) Amberjacks (AJ's):

Amberjacks make great shark baits, especially for monster bullsharks.  What's great about using a big AJ is that it is usually big enough to fend off the little sharks from coming in for the kill. 

Amberjack Makes Great Shark Baits

4) Bonita:

Bonita For Shark Bait
Angler, Shannon Bustamante paddles out a bonita for shark bait. Photo Courtesy of Jim Rassol.

This is a good go-to shark bait.  They are easy to catch offshore but if you can't make it offshore, talk to a local charter fishing boat because they should have plenty of them.  Many big sharks have been caught on bonita. 

5) Jack Crevalle:   

Jack Crevalle is a great shark bait.  They are easy to catch and are plentiful around the beaches you will be fishing. A shark is not going to hesitate to gulp up a nice Jack. 

Jack Crevalle For Shark Bait
Nicole Hanstein sent us this photo of little Marleigh sporting some Bullbuster swag and ready to send out a Jack Crevalle on the 80!

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