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5 Best Baits For Snapper

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5 Best Baits For Snapper

Are you looking to catch snapper? This article covers the top 5 baits for snapper. These snappers include mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, red snapper , dogtooth snapper, and more. 

Live Shrimp

Live shrimp is a great bait for nonstop bites from snapper. 


Squid is another great option for nonstop bites from snapper. 


For larger snapper such as mutton snapper, you can fish a live ballyhoo. For smaller snappers fish ballyhoo as a plug or as a chunk. 

Silver Sides

Silver sides are an excellent snapper bait, especially for those targeting yellowtail snapper. Try including a few silver sides in your chum slick just to get them fired up!


Live pilchards are a great bait for larger snappers.  

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