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5 Best Baits For Sailfish

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5 Best Baits For Sailfish

This article covers the top 5 baits for catching sailfish. 

  1. Goggle Eyes :

 Goggle eyes are one of the most prized baits for targeting sailfish. They are also worth their weight in gold when sailfish tournament season shows up. They are a small, rapid, and hearty fish making them great bait.  Most goggle eye can only be caught at night, making them harder to catch than most baitfish. Those willing to put in the work, or pay the hefty price for the work will get to use these amazing baitfish. 

  1. Ballyhoo :

 Ballyhoo are one of the most commonly used baitfish for many species.  When tossed in the water on the hook, they make their fair share of commotion on the surface of the water.  At the right time of the year sailfish can be seen chasing these fish up onto the shallow reefs.  (Learn How To Catch Your Own Ballyhoo)

  1. Pilchards :

            Pilchards are great baitfish for freelining.  They are also usually pretty easy to catch if   the Pelicans are busting on them and you are good with a cast net. 

  1. Blue Runners: 

     Blue runners are another heart baitfish similar to Goggle eyes.  The one advantage is that they are much easier to catch during the day and at your regular bait spot. 

  1. Threadfin Herring : 

Though delicate, threadfin herring are probably one of the best sailfish baits out their.  They are like a big pilchard with a bit more spunk in em. 

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