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5 Best Baits For Grouper

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5 Best Baits For Grouper

This article covers the top 5 baits for grouper.  


Pinfish are one of the best baitfish for grouper.  They are easy to catch and sometimes available at bait and tackle stores.  Try using a pair of pliers to snip off a few of their pins before sending them down to be grouper candy.  (Learn More About Pinfish)


Grunts are natural grouper food and usually spend their time on the reef nearby grouper.  The plus with a grunt is you can probably catch it while bottom fishing and then just drop it back down. 


The next time you catch a Bonita cut it up into strips. These strips make great grouper baits. 


Ballyhoo is a great bait for grouper. It can be fished live, in plugs, or in chunks. 


Squid is a great bait for grouper, but you will probably have a lot of bycatch of smaller fish in between grouper bites.  

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