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5 Advantages Of Sport Fishermen Vs. Center Console Boats

Author: Bullbuster Team

Reasons You Might Choose A Center Console Over A Sportfish

Footage featuring Bullbuster founder Colby Uva filmed by Drew Offerdahl. 

. Get There Faster 

Center console boats with outboard engines are much faster than most sportfishermen with diesel engines. If getting to a spot fast is important, then a center console boat is the way to go. 

. Better For Drifting 

  Center console boats have more space for fishing when drifting if properly rigged with rod holders for this style of fishing.  The center console boat allows for fishing kite’s on the side the wind is pushing towards, and flat lines, mid rods, and bottom rods, on the side that the boat is drifting away from. 

. More Mobile From Land

Center console boats are usually much smaller than sportfishermen, due to this, they are much easier to trailer. Having a boat on a trailer makes travel much faster and often much more fuel efficient, where a sport fish has to be transported by sea. 

. Cost

All but the largest and center consoles are less expensive than sport fishermen. 

. Easier To Maintain

In general science center console boats are often kept on trailers, they are much easier to maintain than a sportfish. 

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