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4 Tips For Fishing With Extreme Drag (80Lbs +)

Author: BlacktipH (Alumni)

Check out the video below for 4 tips on fishing with extreme drag (80+Lbs of drag). 

Tip  #1:  Fish Thicker Diameter Lines So Your Line Does Not Sink Into Itself

When you are fishing drag this tight, its not only about the strength of your line, but its about how the line holds itself on the spool of your reel.  If your line digs into itself your drag can  quickly go from 80+ to no ability for their to be drag in the first place.  This can be very dangerous and can result in lost fish or even injury's. Be careful!  

Tip #2: Spool Your Line On Tightly

Make sure that you are spooling your line on tightly when fishing extreme drags.  This is another factor that can help your line sit well in your spool and avoid the problem where your fishing line sinks into itself.  Doing this properly takes two people, one reeling and one putting pressure on your line, preferably with gloves on. 

Tip #3: Change Your Topshot After Every Big Fish

Always change your mono topshot after every big fish.  Even monofilament fishing line made from the most advanced polymers experience wear and tear and even memory after a long battle using extreme drag. 

Tip #4: Always Use A Safety Line 

Fishing with extreme drags can be dangerous if not using the proper precautions.  Fish with extreme drags at your own risk, but if you do so, always use a safety line.  We learned the hard way in the video below:

Below are some videos of us fishing with extreme drag:

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